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This site is a partnership between the American Solar Energy Society, the Solar Electric Power Association, Energy Matters LLC, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The site features a variety of resources and information on the process and details of going solar, including:

  • A Solar Estimator tool to give you an idea of price, savings and system size based on County, utility, and energy demand.
  • A detailed database of solar contractors
  • Information on federal solar tax credits

Solar Energy Incentives

PV panels being installed on a roof

Solar panels being installed at the Colorado Governor's mansion. Photo courtesy NREL.

Xcel Energy Soar Rewards Program

Xcel's Solar Rewards program allows you to receive cash back for installing a PV system at your home or business in Colorado. The program provides incentives based on the size of the system you install.

Aquila's On-Site Solar Power Program

Aquila's program provides a two-part incentive to qualifying customers:

  • A direct rebate for the cost of equipment and installation based on the rating of the PV system
  • A variable incentive based on the amount of solar electricity generated by the system, called a Renewable Energy Credit (REC), which Aquila pays you in order to retain the environmental attributes of the electricity produced by the PV system.

Colorado Springs Utility Renewable Energy Rebate Program

The Renewable Energy Rebate Program supports and encourages customers to install solar PV generating systems at their homes and businesses.

City of Boulder Solar Rebate Program

The Boulder City Council approved a solar rebate ordinance which went into effect on December 14, 2006. This solar rebate ordinance created a renewable energy fund, a portion of which is dedicated to rebates on sales tax on solar systems installed in the city of Boulder.

The Colorado Governor's Energy Office (GEO) Residential Solar Program

Additional Resources

Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association

The Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association represents and serves energy professionals and renewable energy users.

Colorado Renewable Energy Society

American Solar Energy Society

Solar Energy Industries Association