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Classroom Activities and Educational Resources

US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

EERE's website offers solar education resources that include information on:

  • The history of solar energy
  • Solar quick facts
  • Solar competitions and contest
  • Educational programs
  • Lesson plans and curriculum
  • Resources for reports and papers
  • Science projects and activities

The EERE Energy Education Lesson Plans page also has many resources.

National Energy Education Development Project

NEED is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing engaging curriculum materials, exciting professional development, turnkey assessment and evaluation tools, and high quality teacher support.

Various solar energy kits and activity guides are among the array of education materials offered by NEED.

The Power of the Sun

Developed by two Nobel laureates, "The Power of the Sun" consists of two films on a single DVD:

"The Power of the Sun-The Science of the Silicon Solar Cell," is a 20-minute animated educational film for 12th grade High School students, or freshman College/University students with interests in physics and/or chemistry, materials science, engineering.

"The Power of the Sun," narrated by John Cleese, is a 56-minute film, telling the story of photovoltaics -Light; History and Science; Implementation; and Future. It is designed for general public with interest in science, its history and its current and future applications to the world's energy needs, as well as for policy-makers and opinion leaders in the field of energy.

The DVD is available to teachers for $5, and there is also an online interactive presentation on the science of the silicon solar cell available at the Power of the Sun website.


The "My Solar Estimator" tool on the FindSolar website will generate a simplified estimate of the size, cost, and energy production of a theoretical systems based on your CO County, utility, and energy demand.

Additional Resources

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute Solar Energy for the Classroom Curriculum

For 6th through 8th grade science instructors, the curriculum includes 15 activities and demonstrations that provide an introduction to solar energy, variables affecting solar energy potential, solar energy storage, practical uses of photovoltaic (PV) systems, and energy cost and conservation.

NREL Student Resources Page

Smart Energy Living: Hands-on Activities for the Middle Grades

University of Colorado Solar Decathlon Home

American Solar Energy Society Resources for Educators